How My Sisters Closet Began...

I am the oldest of my family, along with that comes little sisters. I have always loved clothes and could never have enough of them. Growing up my parents didn't have the money to keep up with my fetish. My cute mom was an excellent seamstress and occasionally would TRY to get me to wear homemade clothes... which Id refused of course. I learned early to get a job so I could buy my own clothes. Soon after acquiring an assortment of clothes in my closet.... then began the "little sister problem" (I think we all can relate) My darling little sister Sarah, would always sneak into my closet and wear my hard earned "special" clothes. Sarah was an adventurer as a kid and often played just as kids do... hard. My clothes often came back to my closet stained, ripped, and with "little sister" prints all over them. This would send me over the edge.... but, i loved my sister and always wanted to share my interest for fashion and girlie things with her. To this day... my closet has always been... the place my little sister still goes. As for my Mom... She has developed an amazing talent for sewing, she alone... designed and sewed, my "little sisters" gorgeous wedding dress... With both our talent and love.... So begins the project of My Sisters Closet Boutique! Please contact me for purchases, we also do custom orders!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Very stylish black and white damask print dress. Size: 12 months -2 years. Comes with cute bloomers that match. We've already sold one! YAY! still... more available.

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